Historic Doors will build the perfect complement to a beautiful door. Porticos provide a refined addition to an entryway by extending and framing the style of the door. Also known as entablatures, surrounds or overdoors, Historic Doors can help create the appropriate look for your home and personal style. Our craftsmen are proficient in both design and construction ensuring quality throughout the process.

Historical note
The term portico often refers to a covered entrance supported by columns. Porticos are most often found at the front entrance to a building. The number of columns used to support a portico determine its architectural name. Tetrastyle are 4 columns, Hexastyle, 6 columns, Octastyle, 8 Columns, and Decastyle are 10 columns. Popular in Greek and Roman times, porticos first appeared in America around the 1750’s. In the North they were usually of modest proportion. While still proportionate the South often built larger porticos, often reaching two stories high.