Offering solidity, strength and a sense of tradition, the Gothic style has been popular in North America since the mid 1800’s for university and church buildings, as well as in homes.

Historic Doors has built Gothic doors for restoration and new construction projects at some of the country’s oldest universities, including Princeton, Yale, and the University of Notre Dame.

Historical Note
Based on a more sophisticated version of plank-style doors (see Rustic Doors), Gothic doors use what is known as “frame-and-plank” construction. Vertical planks are attached to a basic frame, which provides the stabilizing structure. In some cases, planks are fastened to both sides of the frame, effectively hiding the internal frame from view.

In the U.S., Princeton University established what came to be known as the “Collegiate Gothic Style” with campus buildings constructed in the 1890’s. Historic Doors designed and built a series of 19 arched doors in a recent restoration project for one of these buildings.