Historic Doors brings knowledge, experience and skilled craftsmanship — as well as specialized research resources and equipment — to the design and construction of a broad range of historic doors and entryways.

Some clients come to us with detailed specifications. Others come with only a general idea. Historic Doors can research and design customized proposals for a single door or for an entire project of multiple entryways. For each client, we prepare detailed shop drawings to ensure clear communication and approval before beginning fabrication.

High-quality materials and authentic construction techniques are trademarks of Historic Doors. Work is completed by skilled craftsmen in our workshop in Kempton, Pennsylvania.

Historic Doors is proud to help preserve our architectural heritage. Working with restoration architects, building planners, historic preservationists and owners, we can reproduce the original character of doorways and offer design assistance in providing authentic alternatives. Go to Case Studies>

Renovations and additions that enhance older structures can bring new life to valuable buildings. Historic Doors commits the same careful attention to historical context and aesthetics for the doors and entryways in our renovation projects as we provide to the work of historical restoration. Go to Case Studies>

New Construction
Whether a new building is designed in a classical or modern style, for a private residence or public structure, its entryway should reflect the character of the building itself. Historic Doors designs and builds period-style entryways that embody elements of the building’s overall architecture to create an integrated and inviting interface with the public. Go to Case Studies>

Historic Doors brings a unique depth of knowledge to any project. We have compiled several thousand measured drawings of doors from the Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS), and catalogued more than 200 of these drawings in our publication, Historic American Doors. Go to References>

Experienced Craftsmen
In business for more than 20 years, Historic Doors has assembled a team of skilled and talented craftsmen who understand how to work with different species of fine wood and appreciate the details of historic construction. We are able to build doors and entryways with efficient, but historically authentic techniques on projects of varying size, scope and style. Clients are welcome to visit our showroom and workshop.